I got my undergraduate degree for video production in upstate New York.

I graduated and realized I still didn't know what I wanted to do.

I spent a year doing odd-jobs and putting off the real world.

I knew that I wanted to do something creative.

I knew that I loved video & was good at writing.

I found out about creative advertising & content creation.

I fell in love with it.

I got my Master's degree in Advertising from Boston University.

Now I'm working on my career.

I'm still in love with it.


It's like Cliffs Notes, but for a person

Favorite Books - Lord of the Rings, Neverwhere, Eragon (series), Hey Whipple (Squeeze This)

Favorite Movies - Dumb and Dumber, Lord of the Rings, The Graduate, anything with Tom Hanks

Favorite Music - The Beatles, Daft Punk, The Kooks, The Killers, The Strokes, and a lot of weird electronic music.

And if you're really interested...

  • I like playing with technology - I built my own PC for video editing, animating, music creation, video games, and to see if it's possible to look cool while using a VR headset (Spoiler: it isn't)

  • I reference It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia regularly and build my social circles around who understands it.

  • I tell people I love the outdoors but what I really mean is that I like the idea of hiking but I never actually go.

  • I think everything is better with hot sauce and can do almost any accent except Irish and Scottish (but that doesn't stop me from trying).

  • I find it hard to trust people who prefer crunchy peanut butter. I don't believe people who like extra-crunchy peanut butter really exist.

  • I don't believe anyone has actually read all of these, but if you did, hey. Thanks for caring.