Samsung SUHD TVs - Your Window To The World

With 4K (and soon 8k) resolutions becoming the latest leap in television technology, offering unprecedented clarity and pixel density, the line between screen and reality continues to erode.

With this in mind, I thought it would be cool to promote Samsung's latest and greatest SUHD TVs with an outdoor execution that showcases just how far their screen technology has come.

By creating clear window stickers that display a Samsung television frame and appropriate branding, onlookers are able to instantly get the experience that their SUHD televisions offer. Nothing is more realistic than reality.

These stickers could be placed on windows in taxis, coffee shops, libraries, shopping centers - anywhere with a window and a view.

These could maybe be run in cab windows or other driving services

They always use fish/coral reefs in television ads. So, why not at an aquarium?