Arrid XX


Arrid XX is considered a boring, stale, unexciting brand of antiperspirant. Research shows that the product is typically bought by men age 55+. The challenge was to rebrand the product to a new demographic, and to breathe new life, excitement, and energy into the brand.


We went in the complete opposite direction and focused our branding/advertising on younger, fitness oriented women.

Typical deodorant branding for women focuses on smooth skin, girly scents, and avoiding embarrassing white marks on clothing.

The reality is : many women don't care about getting sweaty. They don't care if they smell like flowers, vanilla, or sunshine-dipped rose petals. They don't care if the antiperspirant leaves a white mark on their gym shirt. They just want a powerful deodorant that works as hard as they do - and that's exactly what Arrid does.

Hydrophobic Spray Advertisements

Advertising messages can be written on pavement with hydrophobic sprays that will only be revealed when wet.  The sprayed area stays dry and bright while surrounding pavement becomes dark and wet.

Hydrophobic sprays like the ones over at are the perfect way of advertising how Arrid XX can keep you dry.


Just another fun idea I had to advertise Arrid's USP's to potential customers.  These could be placed in the bathrooms of gyms or other athletic-oriented spaces to better target our demographic.


Rough concept for a commercial.

Social Media