An Overdue Update

    It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog entry or posted any updates on here. Life has been pretty crazy between finishing grad school, trying to find a job, moving in with my girlfriend, and figuring out my place in the world. Truth be told, it’s not just that I haven’t had the time to sit and write, but also that I haven’t wanted to - at least in the same way I had been before.

This is how I felt about writing my blog before...

This is how I felt about writing my blog before...

    A few times in the past month, I’ve sat down and tried to come up with entries for this blog that would be interesting for both myself and my readers (though I suspect that those people are nonexistent). Every time I opened my laptop, cracked my knuckles and got ready to fill the blank page in front of me with some semi-interesting post about advertising, I felt as if I was doing homework. There was no joy in it, no love for the topics I was picking nor the format I was choosing to write in. It was a writing exercise and nothing more. It’s not that I don’t still love advertising, because I do. It’s just that, if I’m going to spend time each week writing things for this blog,’s going to be about the things I like rather than the things I think I should be writing about. Otherwise, what’s the point?

...and this is how I feel about posting now.

...and this is how I feel about posting now.

    Going forward, these blog updates will not be finely crafted, nor profound, nor testaments to my skills as a writer. They will simply be a means of creation and expression for myself in a way that serves to satisfy me and me alone. I can’t force myself to write about the things I think my blog should have rather than the things I actually want to write about. If others who, for whatever reason, find themselves reading my posts and are actually interested, that’s just a bonus - though I have no idea why you’d find yourself caring about the opinions and ramblings of a stranger like me.

    So what kinds of posts can you, fellow stranger, expect to read from me? Honestly I couldn’t say. It would be whatever I feel like writing about at that moment. Maybe it’s entries about advertisements that I like, music I’m into, short stories I’ve made or even weird little poems that I jot down on my way to work. The only consistency I can anticipate is that there will be a lack of consistency, and that’s probably much more exciting for me than it is for you.

    To start things off, here’s a quick poem I wrote the other day. Usually I just pour these out onto the page as a way to get my juices flowing before tackling a writing assignment or as a way to overcome writer’s block. And, usually, they wind up being absolute nonsense. This one actually came out okay.


Shaggy hair and heart of hollow

A boy of 12 that none would follow

In words and person, he was alone

Doomed to sit a lonely throne.

A king so young and none could see

How much he longed to up and flee

To see the world from down below

Laugh with friends and come to know

The things he’s missed already passed

But no, just dreams - this life will last

To be a king, apart and lonely

Just himself, the one and only.


It's okay to feel like this after reading that.

It's okay to feel like this after reading that.

    Someday, maybe I’ll collect all of the good ones, hire an illustrator who can breathe some life into them, and put them into a book I can stash on my shelf. I’ve always had a dream of writing personalized books for my future kids where they are the hero of the story. They can tell me what monsters they’ll face, the places they’ll go, the things that they’ll find and the people they’ll meet, and I’ll be excited to bring their own wonderful tales to life. There’s a long way to go until then, though. If you stick around and read my blog for long enough, maybe you’ll see them come to life - you’ll just have to suffer through some really bad poems until then.


Until next time,

- Jake