Gain From My Pain

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Tenosynovial giant cell tumor (TGCT) is a rare, debilitating disease that affects the joints of those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with the disease.  Surgery is an option, but it often grows back, making this a lifelong struggle.


TGCT is a rare and therefore unknown disease by both patients and physicians alike.  How do we help TGCT patients deal with this debilitating, insidious disease?


Gain from My Pain

Through our research, it became apparent that patients lack any sort of central disease-information source where they can learn about this terrible affliction they have.  Going even further, these patients don't just want to know what this disease is, they want to know what they're in for.  Gain from My Pain serves as a tool that helps connect newer, inexperienced patients with those who have already begun their TGCT journey.  They can answer questions about pain management, mobility management, home remedies, treatment options, and their experience with those treatments, among other things.

It's our goal to help spark a TGCT community of information sharing, support, and friendship that helps everyone suffering from this disease to know that they are not alone on their journey with TGCT.

Outline of the Gain from My Pain website

Video Overview of Website Functionality

This video quickly overviews our concept for an interactive website for our Gain from My Pain concept.

Art Director:  Jordan Tavenner