Because one-offs can be good too.



Zellweger Spectrum Disorder

Zellweger Spectrum Disorder (ZSD) is a rare, congenital disorder that leaves infants with debilitating birth defects and severely hinders organ function, often proving fatal at a very young age.


A client has been developing a drug to help treat the liver, an organ commonly affected by ZSD.  

While ZSD severely impacts many other organs, this drug can help protect their liver and take one problem off of a large list of health issues that parent's have to focus on.

The goal of this concept was to make parents aware of a liver treatment for ZSD and remind them that, in a sea of health problems, there is one area where they can make a difference.

This ad concept actually made one mother in the concept review session tear up.  It's the only time I've ever been happy to make someone cry.


Boston Gun BuyBack (Spec)

The Boston Gun Buyback program is run by the Boston Police Department and seeks to get guns off the street by buying them from you for $200 - no questions asked.

Challenge:  How can you raise awareness for the Boston Gun Buyback program while also reinforcing the deadly impact of gun violence?