Create a campaign that breathes new life into a brand that has little recognition, visibility, and popularity.


Nalgene.  This water bottle brand might be one that people have heard of, but certainly isn't one that they pay attention to or seem to care much about.  Suffering from a low following on social media and lackluster advertising as of today, Nalgene is a brand with a lot of potential for an exciting advertising campaign.

Find Your Thirst

The main tagline of our campaign, "Find Your Thirst" is meant to reflect both the physical thirst our target audience would get from getting involved in adventurous activities while also touching on the thirst for adventure many people have in their lives.



We would create a supercut that features videos taken from Nalgene customers as they go out and find their thirst - whatever it is.  People have the opportunity to be featured in the video by submitting their clips to us.  (All editing done by me).


Billboards would feature real people showcasing different ways of finding their thirst.  By hiring professionals to do things like rock climb on a large, mountain-esque installation, or slackline between two billboards over a sidewalk, our goal would be to create something that ignites interest, sparks curiosity, and drives desire for onlookers to go out and find their thirst.  (All safety precautions would be taken, of course).

Social Media

The "Find Your Thirst" campaign was also brought to social media, where we would repost content from our followers on Instagram and Facebook in order to grow interactivity with Nalgene's brand online.


Nalgene also created a contest that asked users to send us videos featuring themselves "finding their thirst," however they felt was appropriate.  We wanted to gather content that would show a more diverse spectrum of activities, hopefully showcasing less "stereotypical" activities that someone would assume a Nalegene user would do.

Website Redesign

Nalgene's website was also much in need of a redesign.  The bottle customization page has been wholly redone, and now also integrates the user submissions that were encouraged to be submitted to Nalgene.  A quiz has also been added that asks general questions about fitness level, desired activity level, etc, in order to hopefully provide the user with new ideas for adventure.