Overview (Video)


  • Travel Planner - After telling Packtical where you are going, how long you are staying, and some information about activities / events you might be attending, Packtical can recommend the type and quantity of clothing you should bring on your trip.  It can also recommend other important things, like power converters (if you are traveling to a country that requires it).
  • List Creation - After Packtical makes recommendations for you, users can customize their lists to meet their exact needs, since everybody does things a little differently.  Users can save their favorite lists, or save specific lists that apply to a trip you might make once or twice a year.  Those things you pack for your vacation in the Bahamas will be different than what you pack for that yearly business trip to Canada.
  • Weather Alerts - Up until you leave for your trip, Packtical will also alert you of any weather changes at your destination that would require a change of packing, like a cold-front, heatwave, thunderstorm, etc.  One more way Packtical helps ensure you are comfortably prepared for your trip.
  • Explore - This feature allows are more social media savvy users the opportunity to connect to Instagram or Facebook to see what kinds of clothes people are currently wearing at your destination.  You can even share what you are currently wearing if you want to show off your style.
  • Shop - Many times people find themselves lacking something they need for their trip and have to shop online separately or at the store for it.  Packtical has partnered with top retailers across the country, so if you are ever in need of something for your trip, it's easy to shop for it directly through the app.
  • Digital Wardrobe - For our more dedicated users, Packtical offers the chance for you to add clothes from their existing wardrobe to the app through manual entry.  This way, users can plan their outfits ahead of time and make sure they have packed their favorite things.  It's easy to plan what you want to wear for that special dinner, or every dinner, with Packtical. 


The print advertisements for Packtical show people wearing inappropriate clothing for their location outside of the phone, while their clothing has been corrected through the use of Packtical.  This compare/contrast approach is effective in demonstrating the purpose of the app, alongside copy to make the message more effective.




















In-Airport Advertising

Packtical would also have advertisements in populated travel centers - in this case, an airport.  Extensions of the print ads could be found on baggage claim, showing frustrated travelers that there is an easier way to travel with Packtical.




An interactive billboard installation in an airport would show, in real time, the current weather conditions of various travel destinations.  Travelers could check and see what it's like where they are headed, and see if they have packed appropriately for their trip.  The interactive billboard is a cool way to connect with our audience and also increase awareness of our app.





Tags could also be attached to travelers bags as a more direct way of informing them of our app.  The logo and tagline would be found on the front, with some features and details about our app located on the back.









Finally, Packtical could offer curated content for our users through our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  This example is of a blog that discusses things to do in France.  While not everyone is traveling to France, or cares about this particular entry, we would want to offer content that travelers in general might enjoy.  Just our way of offering a little something extra to the users.  Plus, it gives you something to read while you're waiting for your flight.


Art Direction - Chandler Field + Ada Wong