We found that customers were consistently curious about the "behind the scenes" aspect of the company, from the donut development process to who the people are that make them.

The idea for how to satisfy that curiosity was Doneumentaries, which is a great way to "lift the curtain" of our production kitchen. It also allowed us to put some of our employees in the spotlight & help to give the brand more genuine personality.

The goal is to do as many episodes as there are donuts, and because new flavors are always arriving, there is a large opportunity for content.

The first episode of the Doneumentaries series.

Promotional first video for the BBQ Brisket event.

The quick recap video.

BBQ Brisket

When I was told that we were going to be doing a barbecue brisket sandwich event, I wasn't sure how it would go. Customers know us as an award-winning donut company, not a barbecue shop.

The solution was simple: make the sandwiches look so good, people can't resist. And it worked.

Tickets for the event sold out within a day, and we had to change plans to accommodate demand. We ended up selling ~60 more tickets than anticipated, and the event was a huge success.

The first video listed here was what I created to inform & entice our current base of donut-lovers to try out something totally new from us.

The second video is a quick recap from the event that we now use to promote more events as they happen. It makes me hungry every time I watch it.

4/20 Donut Special

Union Square Donuts got in on the fun for the unofficial April holiday by making a gooey, messy donut special. It was aptly named The Spicoli, based on the character from the classic movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. This post helped to make The Spicoli special the top selling donut of the weekend.

Valentine's Day

I decided to have a little fun for Valentine's day and took a stereotypically cheesy "ring reveal" jewelry commercial (where everybody is smiling for no reason) and edited in my own footage of one of our Valentine's Day special donuts.

I managed to match it pretty well - even down the shirt he is wearing in the source video - and it made for a nice piece of content that our audience really enjoyed.


I've been trying to incorporate more animations in our overall content strategy, but it isn't always the better choice over photos or video. However, in the instances where it is a good fit, I jump on it. These are a few that I liked.

USD - National Donut Day

This is a little animation I did with some hand-drawn effects for a National Donut Day Instagram post.


Just a quick animation I made to promote a marshmallow Fluff donut we were making for Fluff Fest.

USD - Boston Calling

Union Square Donuts was a vendor at this year's Boston Calling, so I had their famouis Boston Terrier munch on some of Boston's favorite donuts.

Vote -.gif

A little donut-themed “Get Out And Vote!” post I put together for the Midterm Elections.


I'm making more content every day, so check back soon to see what's new.